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Artwork by Caperton
Artwork by Caperton
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53 Years of Drawing Experience
53 Years of Drawing Experience
Welcome to the Wonderful World of 
Master Artist Ken Caperton

​Bi-polar Crayola
Art to Enjoy
​Smash Face
​The Happy Cowgirl
​That Blank Look
​Fine China
​The Launch of the U.S.S. Glass Loretta
​Broken China
​The Atlantic Crossing of the U.S.S. Glass Loretta
​Playing With Baby Jesus
​Le Mannequin
​When Good Clowns Turn Bad
​The Hollywood Starlett
​The Witches Hat
​Simple Pondering
​Elvis Loves Wilma
​The Walk Home from Church
​Paper Airplanes
​I Got Your Nose!
​Pencil in Motion
​Arteries Allure
​Love a Motion
​The Love Mobile
​Anarchy in Prodigy
​Splash Torn
​Moon Light Serenade
​Legger Art Remake 1
​Legger Art Remake 2
​Bless our Children
​Freaks Nite Out
​The Last Bad Roundup
​Wannabe Amputee
​Artist Me
​Them Old Bones
Artist ​Ingres
Three Women at a Piano
Blue Man
She's All That and Then Some
Moon Lite on the Miranda
The Head Ache
Terror Pluto
Sun Girl
Chained to a Thought
The Temptation of Eve
Two to Tango
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​The Flirt
​Alien to Us
​Topsy Turvy