Artwork by                 Caperton
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Art to Enjoy

Art to Enjoy

Welcome to many past years of drawings! A place where you can see other works done by The Artist and just sit and absorb the aroma of it all in one spot.

"As an artist I want to thank you the patron who buys my works and helps keep me afloat in so many ways. So allow me one moment to Thank You the viewer, the skeptic, the critic, the art lover and the client who keeps coming back... THANK YOU! Without these and The One above I'd be useless as an artist. "
Picasso's Lady Asleep
The Deep Thought
Alien It
Casting Temptation
Angry Mistresses
The New Millennial Woman
Cheese Pleez
Crystal Ball
El Sr. Kenuto
Fine China
The Flaminco Dancer
Blown Away
When Good Clowns Turn Bad
Playing With Baby Jesus
Broken China
Mr Kelly
House Mouse
Le Mannequin
Paper Planes
The Love Mobile
Shes All That
Super Dope
Terror Pluto
Topsy Turvy in Love
Contact Us
Two to Tango
Witches Hat
Touche Away
The Headache
An Era in Escher
Rip Torn
Young Girl at Easel
The Great Candy Land Train Wreck
The Magician's Assistant