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Artist Ken Caperton was born in May of 1960, in a small suburb of Dallas called Farmers Branch where he was raised by his Great Grand Mother and Great Aunt.

  Ken first learned he would be an artist at the age of four ! Seems an elder of his church sat with  Kenneth and his Great Grandmother one Sunday and the elder began to draw a small sparrow on a visitation card and presented it to Ken just before worship began. Says the Artist, "I remember it like it was yesterday. I sat in amazement in how he drew that sparrow with such ease and speed. When he handed me the drawing I sat in awe and I knew that moment and day this is what I wanted to do."

 By the age of five Kenneth's first work was drawing Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse "Steam Boat Willey."  Soon thereafter Ken was heavy into DaVinci and Michelangelo and MC Escher and a fan of The Impressionists.

When the Artist reached his teens he was heavy into the new music album cover scene like watercolor artist Roger Dean who did all the "Yes "  and "Uriah Heep" artwork. Also the "Grateful Dead" art was highly esteemed in the artist's life. And Peter Max was a big big  hit of the ages.

Biography of Artist
​Kenneth entered the military in the 1980's serving in Spain, Italy,Turkey and the UK. Hard times were ahead for the artist in those upcoming years. But the influences and the places he went to were so crucial to Kenneth's demeanor in his artistic future. A lot of the mechanical works attributed to Ken's art is a direct influence from Ken working as a fighter jet mechanic even working on nuclear armed aircraft at times. 

After the military came more crucial episodes that challenged the very life nerves of the artist for many years. The passing of his Spanish wife and the loss of his Great Aunt and Grandfather were so tragic and made for more confusing times.

Now in the new millennium Kenneth is embarking on a new life of drawing excellence and expertise. Kenneth likes to think of himself as the Colonel Sanders of the New Art Millennial Impressionism. Hes getting all his fame in his later years. You'll also find the artist is no "one trick pony" artist either. Ken can mimic almost every major artist there is. And he can prove it too! 

So sit back and enjoy the new and improved Artist Kenneth Caperton;
A new artist of the new art era Millennial Impressionism