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Artwork by Caperton
Artwork by Caperton
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53 Years of Drawing Experience
53 Years of Drawing Experience
Welcome to the Wonderful World of 
Master Artist Ken Caperton
​$250.00 - " Impossible Probable"
16x20  crayola color pencil
​$200.00  - " You Go Go Girl "
16x20 - crayola color pencil & ink
​$550.00 - " Beth Milo "
16x20 - crayola color pencil
​$350.00  - " The Great Candy Land Train Wreck "
16x20 - crayola color pencil
​$400.00 - " Galatian Underworld "  16x20 - crayola color pencil
​$750.00  - " Crystal Ball " 
22x28 - crayola color pencil & ink
​$450.00  - " Dream Within a Dream "
16x20 - crayola color pencil & ink
​$450.00 - " Vespvccia "
16x20 - crayola pencil & ink
​This is an early 1400 painting by the great artist Ingress. In the era of DaVinci and Michaelangelo.

 Here is the first lady of our country Ms. Vespuccia. She was the wife of the Amerigo Vespuccia. A man who fist saw the new land "America" with Columbus.

I don't use nudity anymore in my inventory but this was an exception to me because it was a challenge to draw such a detailed painting. Its a beautiful piece to own. 
​$150.00 - " Farewell to an Old Friend "
16x20 - crayola color pencil 
​I was researching for an upcoming art competition when I found this 1920's photo of two small people; one showing compassion to the other. 

I kept wondering what these two were doing at this moment in frozen time?

All the while; here in America the Barnum and Baily Circus Show was to close after decades of endless entertainment and fun to so many. I composed this in honor of that closing circus.
​$450.00 - " Color Me "
16x20 - crayola color pencil 
​$350.00 - " Love in a Hamburger "
16x20 - crayola color pencil 
​$450.00  - " Once upon a Whim "
16x20 - crayola color pencil 
​$100.00 - " Casual Art "
16x20 - crayola color pencil 
​$350.00 - " My Tibetan Life "
22x28 - crayola color pencil 
​$750.00  - " When Old Testament
 Met New Testament "
16x20 - crayola color pencil & ink
​$750.00  - " Soccer Mom "
16x20 - crayola color pencil 
​$750.00 - " Pervertish Skittish "
16x20 - crayola color pencil 
​$350.00 - " Piano Dancers "
16x20 - pen & ink
​$300.00  - " Stormy Elizabeth "
16x20 crayola color pencil
​$350.00  - " Touche Away! Chivalry is Alive "
16x20 crayola color pencil &ink
​$200.00 - " Were Gonna Get it Now!!! "
16x20 - crayola color pencil 
​$350.00 -"Sharkhead on a Stick"
16x20 - crayola color pencil & ink
​$200.00 -" Time on My Side"
16x20 - crayola color pencil & ink
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As I started this picture I had no intent it would turn out this well... I like to think it's my tribute to the American hamburger. 
My parents raised me on hamburgers. Actually two hamburgers a week; mainly on Fridays.  
I was a growing teen artist in need of a lot of fuel
This is a Biblical themed drawing  of when Mary the Mother of Jesus and Elizabeth the Mother of John the Baptist both met each other for the first time and how the babies jumped for each other upon their first meeting
Six Picasso's
I have to challenge myself sometimes when I draw. I can become very complacent and repetitive at times. So I try to do something new every now and then. This is a series of Picasso's I chose by difficulty and complexity of the picture. Each of these are $350.00 or I will sell the set of 6 for $1,500.00 
Of all my drawings this one has been redrawn some six times in my lifetime. This represents a time in my innocence. When I was 12 or so I met a middle aged man named Larry. Larry was a severe alcoholic, drug abuser of the worst type. Why? Because he would drink to inebriation  then his demeanor would change like day to night. He became very ugly in his speech when he drank and a whole new person evolved from his "stink" of a personality. This memory stayed with me for a long time and as time passed in my life I would draw this over and over again. This is a heavy duty picture to understand. No child deserves to have to live and see such people. I am here making a statement too about my own bout with alcohol. I am 11 years sober now and I see me in this pic too sometimes. So this is my tribute to that fatal disease that has wrecked relationships and families. To that disease that plauges and destroys and what I call "The Great Deceiver."  

​I am a firm believer in the Barney Fife Theory; "You gotta nip it in the bud Andy before it all begins." So lets get started with the original drawings I'm selling first!