Artwork by Caperton
Artwork by Caperton
Phone: 972-922-3500
53 Years of Drawing Experience
53 Years of Drawing Experience
Welcome to the Wonderful World of 
Master Artist Ken Caperton
Prints for Sale $50.00
[Unless otherwise mentioned, all prints here are 16x20 already matted and framed and just $50.00...or $40 for just the print. Add $15.00 for postage]
Artist Me
Becky's Horror
​Beth Milo
​Curls for Girls
​Constantly Suspended
​Blue Man
​Grapes Allure
​Dream Within a Dream
​U.S.S. Glass Loretta
​Love in a Burger
​Gentleman's Gentleman
​Q.T.P.2 T.
​Unravel the Unknown
​God's Own
​Twisti Misti
​Survival of the Fittest
​Piano Dancers

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​Anarchy in Prodigy
​Launch of the Glass Loretta
​Bi-Polar Crayola
​Galatian Underworld