Artwork by Caperton
Artwork by Caperton
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53 Years of Drawing Experience
53 Years of Drawing Experience
Welcome to the Wonderful World of 
Master Artist Ken Caperton
About the Artist!

The Young Caperton
Born in Dallas. Bred in Texas! 
Master Artist Ken Caperton has been a natural artistic prodigy since he was four years old.  And church was his beginnings. It was like a bolt of lightning that hit him in church one Sunday! 

I was just four years old sitting with my Great Grandmother in church one Sunday when an Elder of the church sat next to me. While we waited for church to begin this Elder took a visitation card; then with a common pencil in hand, he drew a very well orchestrated sparrow on that card and gave it to me. I remember it all like yesterday. This is something I wanted to do! 

My very first pic I drew was Mickey Mouse as "Steam Bout Willey." when I was five. While I sat watching him on an old black and white TV in the living room and sketching him on lined paper at the same time. I must admit; it was not a bad looking Mickey either.

At the end of each school year, I would beg my teachers to give me all the paper they could muster so I'd have a plentiful amount for the summer break. Mr Mckintosh my 6th grade teacher was the first to take a keen interest in my art. He paddled my behind frequently and he taught me how to shadow my little pictures. He even allowed me to display them across the room. And I had them every where.

The High School Years 

By the time Kenneth reached High School he was already heavy into the new rage album cover art of the late 60's and 70's. Like the works of Cowan, who did awesome skeletal creations for the "Grateful Dead." Then there is Roger Dean and his immaculate water color paintings for 70's rock bands "Yes" and "Nazareth." Included too was Frazetta who did the wild muscular viking art for "Molly Hatchet."

My talents as a drawing artist took back seat to my drive to be like other artists of my time. For example I really picked up on Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher a lot. I found this source of imaginary art was already home to my imaginary thinking. I felt comfortable and totally at ease with these artists and I intended to mimic them into my own brand of insanity.

Military Years
Ken Caperton entered the Air Force in 1981-89. Kenneth served in Europe 8 years thus furthering his artistic abilities even more. The culture and life style was a big factor and influence on The Artist. Kenneth lived in 6 different countries and despite the demand of the job he still found time to create. 
While living in Spain he met his wife Majose. Later the two would have an artistic child, Christian.

I began working my first year in the military on a  fighter aircraft F-4's in Spain. Due to a transition change at that base I would later work on F-16's for another year. 
I would often visit countries like Italy, Greece, Africa and many other places almost monthly.
In 1986; I went and worked for an elite squadron of British aircraft mechanics in The RAF [ Her Majesties Royal Air Force.] I served The RAF for 3 years and was part of the "Eldorado Canyon" mission to kill Omar Kahdalfy in Libya using old F-111's. We received high honors too with accommodations.
I even worked on Victor Alert Pads where live nukes were loaded on jets and ready at a moments notice."

With the Good Comes the Bad

Coming out of the military was not an easy task for Kenneth. He lived and suffered years of PTSD, bipolarism, depression and alcoholism to boot. Ken's  wife passed away from mouth cancer in 1999 and his mother and his grandfather also passed away. It almost brought Ken to near self-destruction. This period of time in his artistic life took back seat to one disaster after another and became a very trying time for The Artist.

Needless to say better and refreshing years would come for Kenneth after the millennium

 "Decade of the Millennial Impressionist!"

After a long bout with life in general Ken has declared a new proclamation in the art world; "Millennial Impressionism!"

I really had a very hard time adjusting from military life. But God had a different plan for me in the art world and that's what I'm doing... Enjoying my life like no other time before. Where God is my central focus. So I declare a new era in art. "Millennial Impressionism". A new life of restoration for the old Masters combined with the new Artists of today. 

I hope that maybe some artist will one day read this and learn from it. Artist's are a rare breed of people and life for us can be a screaming nightmare at times. The answer does not come easy. In order to be a good leader one must first be a good follower. So it takes being a good student artist to make an even better Master Artist! I attend art shows, I draw as much like the former Master Artists when I can, I have endless amounts of reading material to study and I've been president of art organizations. This is how I can always have that one artistic edge over other artists. It's a very competitive industry and I plan on being a notch above other artists in my peer group.

I want to Thank all those who love what I do and have followed me for all these years. Its an honor to have someone approach me and has bought my works from years past.... Love it!!!!!  My appreciation to all who simply like what I do... 
                                   Thank You
Master Artist
Ken Caperton

I love this photo. Yes that is a pencil in my hand. Even at an early age the tools of my trade came and embraced me wholeheartedly
My way too artistic son, Christian
Art by my way too artistic son
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